No Voter ID Needed to Vote in Recall Elections

The Wisconsin Supreme Court declined to hear challenges to the state’s new voter ID law. This means there is not enough time for the cases to be resolved before the May 8 primary and June 5 recall elections, so the injunctions barring implementation of the law will remain in place.

Two separate state appeals courts had asked the Wisconsin Supreme Court to take up the appeals and consolidate the cases in order to speed resolution. The court declined to take up the case on certification, so now the lower courts must hear the case and make their decisions, which will then likely be appealed to the higher court.

Following the Supreme Court’s decision, the first case concerning the legality of the voter ID law was heard in Dane County circuit court the week of April 16. There are three other cases challenging the law, one other in state court and two in federal court.

Wisconsin is not the only state waiting on the courts to determine if an ID will be required at the polls. The U.S. Department of Justice has blocked voter ID laws in Texas and South Carolina, and legal challenges are likely in Pennsylvania, Kansas and Tennessee. Fifteen states currently have voter identification requirements.