No Call List Sign-up Deadline

The quarterly deadline for Wisconsin’s No Call List is Friday, August 31st. All registrations that are added on or before Friday will receive protections from unwanted telemarketing calls and text messages beginning on October 1st. Those who sign up after the upcoming August 31 deadline will not be added to the list until January 1.

The free No Call service is managed by DATCP. The service covers Wisconsin consumers’ residential landline, VoIP and cellular numbers and includes protections against unwanted text messages. Consumers can register multiple numbers. Registrations are good for two years, but consumers can re-register their numbers at any time.

To add a number(s) to the list, visit or call 866-966-2255.

Political calls, calls from non-profit organizations and calls made in response to your written or verbal request or permission are not covered by the No Call law. Additional information is available at