New Wisconsin Legislature Website


Earlier this month the Wisconsin State Legislature’s website ( received a makeover, which included a reorganization and new features to help voters quickly find information about their legislators.

Hamilton Consulting’s Top 5 Favorite Features:

Easy-to-See Leadership Explanations: On the front page of each legislative house website is an easy-to-see leadership breakdown, complete with pictures, titles, and member details.


Easy-to-Find Legislative Actions: Wisconsin citizens and website visitors can go to any legislator’s web page, and see all the action taken on the Senate or Assembly floor, including a list of up-to-date authored bills, amendments made, and their vote on every bill.


Notification Service: The Wisconsin Legislative Notification Service lets you get personalized e-mail notifications sent straight to your inbox. You can follow specific bills, subject matters, or get committee information and activity notices.


Party Caucus Webpage: Party Caucus webpages allow site users to find party-specific information, a party’s take on current state action, op-eds, constituent resources, career opportunity news, and multimedia. Currently, only the Assembly Republicans are using this feature.


Quicklinks: The new home page for the Wisconsin State Legislature features all the links and you need to follow the issues you care about and the legislators you elected. Information on visiting the capitol, finding a committee meeting schedule, a Citizen’s Guide to Wisconsin Government, maps, and open records information are now easy to find, and all in one place.