LinkWisconsin Gets Upgrade

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has announced the LinkWisconsin website has been upgraded to a new website with some new features and tools.


According to a post from PSC Chairperson Phil Montgomery, “The launch of our new website correlates with the transition of the State Broadband Office’s (SBO) LinkWISCONSIN initiative from a federal grant program to a state-run program housed at the Commission. Our progress, our process and our purpose will not change with this transition:  the SBO will still provide the important work of mapping broadband assets in the state. Through the continuation of the LinkWISCONSIN initiative, the SBO will continue to support state and local activities while promoting public-private partnerships. The SBO is also charged with developing a long-term, sustainable plan for increasing access to and use of broadband across the state.” The website will feature:

  • Bandwidth Assessment allows consumers to find out how much bandwidth they need and allows consumers to reach out to providers.
  • Broadband Assessment Provider Portal helps providers assess where to build and expand broadband in their area.
  • Broadband Maps provides comprehensive information on available broadband service.

The governor’s budget, which was released at the beginning of February, included $6 million to expand the Broadband Expansion program. The program is a grant program created in 2013 that provides funding for equipment and construction required to improve broadband in the state.