LFB Releases Summary of State Agency Requests

Last week the Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) released an overview of the state agency 2015-17 budget requests. The summaries include major changes – including items over $250,000 or represent a major policy change. In 2015-2016 all funds requests total $37.1 billion and $38.4 billion in 2016-2017. The all funds request is a $5.5 billion increase over the base year double or 7.8 percent.  

The total request for the general fund is $16.7 billion in 2015-16 and $17.7 billion in 2016-17. The general fund request is $2.5 billion over the base year double or 7.9 percent.

Check out the Hamilton State Budget 2015-2017 page for the most recent budget developments and resources.