Legislature Back in Session

After taking a break for the holiday season, the legislature is headed back to the floor. The Assembly will be back on the floor on January 14 and the Senate will be back later this month.


There are a few dynamics that could affect the remaining months with regard to what items make their way through the legislature and which ones don’t. While the Walker administration may want the legislature to avoid controversial issues in anticipation of the governor’s reelection bid (or something bigger?), some legislators will certainly want to take advantage of the fact that they control all three houses and push ultra-conservative legislation. Additionally, there is talk of a rift between leadership in the Senate and Assembly that some believe could slow down various bills. Historically, the houses view themselves as something more akin to competitors than collaborators, so this is nothing new. In the end, things have a way of working out as the clock starts to run out on the legislative session.

Under any scenario, legislation will be viewed under a different light and the intensity surrounding the capitol will amp up as the pressure of the clock winding down on another session combines with the added scrutiny that comes during campaign years