Legislative Resources Links on Hamilton Website

Hamilton Consulting’s website has a one-stop location for key links to help you follow along as laws and policies affecting your interests are discussed in the Wisconsin Legislature.

Under the Resources menu, at Hamilton-Consulting.com, you can find four key calendars:

  • Political Fundraising Calendar: Tracks every political fundraiser happening in the state;
  • Wisconsin Legislative Schedule: Provides updates when legislators are in session and in Madison;
  • Wisconsin Legislative Floor Calendar: Information on every bill, amendment, and proposal that will be discussed on the Senate and Assembly floor;
  • Weekly Schedule of Legislative Committee Hearings.

Key Links provide state government information, including the Government Accountability Board webpage, and index on legislative service agencies, links to state agencies, and the Legislative Reference Bureau, which has every law, bill, amendment, and vote logged so that you don’t have to be sitting in the Senate and Assembly chambers to know what’s happening to the bills you are interested in.