Legislative Elections Update

Since Hamilton Consulting’s last elections update, two additional members of the Wisconsin legislature have announced they will not seek re-election. There are now two open Senate seats, which has enticed some Assembly members to abandon their current races for a shot at a seat in the other house.

Rep. Robert Turner of the 61st Assembly District announced he will not seek re-election to the newly created 66th Assembly District, choosing instead to retire after serving in the Assembly since 1990. Following Turner’s announcement, fellow Democratic Rep. Cory Mason said that he plans on moving to the 66th District and running for Turner’s seat.

Democratic Sen. Jim Holperin of the 12th Senate District also announced he will not seek re-election. Holperin, who served in the Assembly before being elected to the Senate in 2008, has the distinction of being the only Wisconsin official to survive two recall elections, including one in August 2011.

Rep. Tom Tiffany, a Republican from the 35th Assembly District, announced he would seek to replace Holperin in the Senate. Fellow Assembly member Rep. Jerry Petrowski of the 86th Assembly District is looking to fill the 29th Senatorial District seat vacated by Sen. Pam Galloway.

Hamilton Consulting will continue to provide updates on all legislative races throughout the summer in addition to our upcoming in-depth election preview.