Leak of John Doe Documents Being Looked at by AG

In what appears to be a targeted leak aimed at Gov. Walker, the Guardian US published sealed Wisconsin court documents from the controversial John Doe investigation. It has been reported that over six million records were seized in the politically driven investigation. The leak involved 1,350 records.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and other GOP leaders requested Attorney General Brad Schimel appoint a special prosecutor to “investigate this apparent violation of Supreme Court order and state law.” The September 15 letter notes that “should this potential crime go unprosecuted it runs the risk of undermining the integrity of our courts and judicial system.”

In an interview posted on September 23, Schimel noted that DOJ does not have the power to appoint a special prosecutor on its own. That authority resides in the courts, particularly the judge overseeing the John Doe.

In a related development, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign filed a formal complaint with the IRS alleging that Wisconsin Club for Growth violated IRS regulations. The complaint alleges that the group engaged in deceptive and improper fundraising practices and that engaging in political campaigns was its “primary activity” that contravened the group’s tax-exempt status.