Joint Finance Committee Passes Budget Bill; Legislature to Vote Soon

The Joint Finance Committee (JFC) voted along party-lines (12-4) passing the 2011-13 budget bill. The final two nights were marred by protestors disrupting the proceedings.

Below is a snapshot of some of the changes made by the JFC to Gov. Scott Walker’s original bill:

  • A provision that creates a domestic production tax credit for manufacturers and agricultural businesses. The credit begins in calendar year 2013 at 1.875 percent of production income and phased up over time to a 7.5 percent credit in 2016 and thereafter. The non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau estimated it would cost $10 million in the initial year and $128 a year beginning in 2016.
  • Eliminates a provision that would have granted UW-Madison greater flexibility in setting its budget and tuition rates. The original budget would have allowed UW-Madison to split off from the UW System as a separate authority.
  • Removes a provision that prohibited DNR from promulgating or enforcing its phosphorus rules proposed under the previous Administration. Some legislators preferred that the provision be introduced as separate legislation.
  • Restores $19 million in grants for the recycling fund and removes from Gov. Walker’s original budget that removed the recycling requirement for municipalities.
  • Expands school choice program throughout Milwaukee County and to Green Bay and Racine.
  • Increases school funding by over $100 million.The original budget cut aid to local school districts by roughly $800 billion over the next two years.
  • Deleted proposed changes to SeniorCare.