JFC Holds Public Hearing on Foxconn

Legislation on incentives for Foxconn continues to move its way through the legislature. After passing the Assembly on August 17, the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) held a public hearing on the bill on August 22 at Gateway Technical College in southeast Wisconsin, the area of the state considered the likely location of the Foxconn site.

Department of Administration Secretary Scott Neitzel and Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Secretary Mark Hogan, joined by several other members of Gov. Scott Walker’s cabinet, started off the day answering JFC members’ questions and defending the deal that they said would have a positive impact across the state by providing jobs and stimulating supply chains to Foxconn from all over Wisconsin. Following the Administration were several other counties and cities excited about the prospects of Foxconn for their communities. Those testifying with concerns on the bill were citizens concerned about jobs going to out-of-state workers, environmental protections, and the risk of Foxconn delivering less jobs and capital investment than the company has promised. Concerns raised echoed testimony from the Assembly public hearing on August 3.

JFC Co-Chair Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) has mentioned a possible executive session on the Foxconn bill next week. She said the full Senate could take up the bill in mid-September while the Assembly votes on the budget.

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