Joint Finance Committee Begins Voting on Budget

The Joint Finance Committee has begun taking votes on various parts of the budget. Prior to each JFC session the Legislative Fiscal Bureau publishes a budget paper detailing the various options the committee will vote on at a specific session.

The next JFC session is scheduled for May 9. The committee is slated to cover the following items:

Employment Relations Commission
Investment Board
Lieutenant Governor
Government Accountability Board
Public Service
Shared Revenue and Tax Relief — Direct Aid Payments
Shared Revenue and Tax Relief — Property Tax Credits
Shared Revenue and Tax Relief — Property Taxation
Shared Revenue and Tax Relief — Local Revenue Options
Residency Requirements
Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation
Safety and Professional Services — Departmentwide and Professional Regulation
Safety and Professional Services — Buildings and Environmental Regulation
Veterans Affairs — Veterans Homes, Cemeteries, and Memorials
Wisconsin Technical College System

Click here for the LRB paper for the day. Tune in to WisconsinEye for live coverage of the hearing and visit their video archive for video of all JFC hearings.