JFC Finishes Budget Votes

The Joint Finance Committee (JFC) has wrapped up its work on the 2019-21 state budget, rounding out the committee process with votes on Medicaid, taxes and transportation over the past few weeks. With an amended budget approved by JFC, the budget now goes to the full Legislature. Legislative leadership said in a post-JFC press conference that Assembly and Senate Republicans will meet to discuss the budget next week, and the Assembly is looking at June 25 for a floor vote, with the Senate to follow on the 26th or 27th.

After budget passage in the full Legislature, the budget will go to Gov. Tony Evers. The governor has the option to sign the budget, veto the entire budget, or line-item veto certain provisions. The Republican-majority Legislature has already removed several key provisions from Gov. Evers’s recommendations, and the governor has not yet indicated how he plans to act on the Legislature-approved budget.

Read about the final JFC votes below.

 June 4 – JFC Passes Medicaid Budget

June 6 – Senate & Assembly Reach Compromise on Transportation; Other JFC Votes Include PSC, OCI, DOJ

June 11 – JFC Takes Up CAFOs, Building Projects & More in Second-To-Last Exec

June 13 – JFC Wraps Up Budget Votes With Tax Cut Plan


Previous JFC votes:

May 21, 23, 28 (Tourism, Education, UW System, etc.)

May 9, 14, 16 (Gov. Evers items removed, clean water, property taxes, DMA, DWD, etc.)