HCG’s Guide to Preparing for the 2019-20 Session

The inauguration of the 2019-20 legislative session is just a few weeks away, and the Hamilton Consulting Group team is busy preparing. In the list below, we have gathered our favorite and most helpful tools we use throughout the session. Bookmark the tools on the list below for a successful start to 2019!

  1. Subscribe to Hamilton Political Tidbits, for biweekly Wisconsin politics updates and analysis, plus other alerts straight to your inbox.
  2. 2019-21 State Budget Issue Update, for all the information you need about Wisconsin’s state budget process. Including: summary of how the budget process works, HCG analyses of budget news and policy, and links to other relevant budget documents.
  3. Legislative Fiscal Bureau, for links to budget papers and reports.
  4. HCG’s Guide to the Wisconsin Administrative Rules Process. In an era of split government, following administrative rulemaking will become even more important. This comprehensive, in-depth article guides you through the rulemaking process and significant legislative changes to it in the past several years.
  5. The Wheeler Report, for the latest news releases, calendar, and other key legislative links.
  6. HCG News Clips, for the latest Wisconsin politics news by category.
  7. Wisconsin Eye, to watch committee hearings and floor sessions live from your desk.
  8. Wisconsin Legislature’s Schedule of Committee Activities, to track what committees are meeting for public hearings and votes each week.
  9. The Wisconsin Ethics Commission’s Eye on Lobbying database, to track who’s lobbying in Wisconsin and where they stand on key issues.
  10. Wisconsin Legislature Districts Map, to easily find who represents every area of the state.
  11. HCG on Twitter and LinkedIn, for Wisconsin politics news in your social media feed.