Hamilton Consulting Group Informational Resources

In addition to our Political Tidbits newsletter, Hamilton Consulting Group has unmatched information services for clients and colleagues regarding political and policy developments in Wisconsin.

The Hamilton Consulting Group Blog provides analysis on the latest political news around the state Capitol.

Issue Updates provide in-depth discussions of policies making their way through the Wisconsin legislature and include resources such as timelines, graphics, analysis, bill tracking, and histories of the issues.

  • 2018 Election: Includes election timeline, political fundraising calendar, full updated listing of candidates for each office, and recent elections news and analysis.
  • Health Care Policy 2017-18: Includes state legislation, state agency documents, federal documents, and recent health care news and analysis.
  • Opioid Abuse Treatment, Prevention and Education: Includes a timeline of and links to relevant legislation and executive orders; Task Force on Opioid Abuse meeting dates, recordings, and reports; and recent opioid abuse policy news and analysis.
  • 2017-19 State Budget: Includes an overview of the budget process in Wisconsin, links to Legislative Fiscal Bureau and Department of Administration documents, and recent state budget news and analysis. Coming soon: 2019-21 State Budget Issue Update.

News Clips provide links to articles from around the state by issue area.

The Political Fundraising Calendar tracks fundraisers for Wisconsin legislature and U.S. Congressional candidates.