Governor Walker’s 2015-2016 Cabinet Members

After being sworn in for his second term, Governor Scott Walker announced there would be no immediate changes to his cabinet. Although it was previously speculated some positions in the executive branch might change, Walker chose the status quo for now. Below is a list of Governor Walker’s cabinet.

Department of Administration: Secretary Michael Huebsch

Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection: Secretary Ben Brancel

Department of Children and Families: Secretary Eloise Anderson

Department of Corrections: Secretary Edward Wall

Department of Financial Institutions: Secretary Peter Bildsten

Department of Health Services: Secretary Mary “Kitty” Rhoades

Department of Natural Resources: Secretary Cathy Stepp

Department of Revenue: Secretary Richard Chandler

Office of State Employment Relations: Director Greg Gracz

Department of Safety and Professional Services: Secretary David Ross

Department of Tourism: Secretary Stephanie Klett

Department of Transportation: Secretary Mark Gottlieb

Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs: Secretary John Scocos

Department of Workforce Development: Secretary Reginald Newson

Office of the Commissioner of Insurance: Commissioner Ted Nickel

Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority: Executive Director Wyman Winston

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation: CEO Reed Hall