Governor Walker Shuffles Cabinet

Last week, Governor Walker announced administrative staff changes at Department of Administration (DOA), Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA), and Public Service Commission (PSC). The changes include:

  •  Scott Neitzel – Secretary, DOA
  • Michael Huebsch – Commissioner, PSC
  • Cate Zeuske – Deputy Secretary, DOA
  • Tricia Braun – Chief Operating Officer, WEDC
  • Brian Schimming – Deputy Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, WHEDA
  • Ellen Nowak – Chairperson, PSC
  • Bob Seitz – Executive Assistant to incoming Chairperson, PSC

Scott Neitzel, the new secretary for DOA, was previously the Senior Vice President for Madison Gas and Electric. Prior to this position, Neitzel was a commissioner in the Public Service Commission. Neitzel will be filling the position previously held by Mike Huebsch, who will now be Commissioner at the PSC.

Cate Zeuske, the new deputy secretary for DOA, was previously a state representative in the 1980s and served as state treasurer under former Governor Tommy Thompson. The position was previously held by Chris Schoenherr, who left the agency in January to become the government relations director for the Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency.

Tricia Braun will be the Chief Operating Officer for WEDC. Braun has been serving the agency as Vice President of Economic and Community Development, and Vice President of Regional Development and Attraction Director.

Brian Schimming will be the Deputy Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of WHEDA. Schimming most recently been serving as vice chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin. Prior to that position, Schimming was an administrator in the Wisconsin Division of Housing & Intergovernmental Relations in DOA and served as Chief of Staff for former Speaker, now Justice David Prosser. Schimming is filling the post previously held by John Hogan, who is now Assistant Deputy Secretary at DOA.

Ellen Nowak will be the new Chairperson at the PSC. The current PSC Chairperson is Phil Montgomery, who will become a commissioner at the PSC.

Bob Seitz will be the Executive Assistant to incoming Chairperson Ellen Nowak at the PSC. Previously, Seitz has been a partner at Arrowhead Strategies and was a former aide in the state senate.