Gov. Walker Reorganizes Government Efficiency Offices

This week, Gov. Scott Walker issued Executive Order #288, implementing a reorganization of government efficiency offices within the Department of Administration (DOA) and providing several directions for state agencies to find cost savings.

In 2015, Walker created the Commission on Government Reform, Efficiency, and Performance that provided recommendations on government efficiency that the Walker administration implemented via a DOA reorganization, new efficiency best practices, and provisions in the 2017-19 state budget.

Executive Order #288 again reorganizes DOA by combining the Office of Lean Government with the Division of Executive Budget and Finance. The new Division will designate a Chief Economist and create a performance management unit. The order directs the Division to conduct a core work analysis in preparation for the 2019-21 state budget.

Executive Order #288 also directs state agencies to work with each other and with DOA to achieve cost savings for state taxpayers. The changes include: implementing strategic spending reduction plans, consolidating print and mail operations in DOA, analyzing and reducing transportation costs, increasing use of electronic rather than paper documents, and reviewing information technology practices and purchases, among other directions.