Gov. Evers Appoints New DATCP Secretary

Gov. Tony Evers has appointed Randy Romanski as the new secretary of the state Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection (DATCP). Romanski had been serving as interim secretary since late 2019, when the state Senate rejected the nomination of Brad Pfaff for the top DATCP position. Before serving as interim secretary, Gov. Evers had appointed Romanski as DATCP’s deputy secretary.

Romanski was DATCP secretary under former Gov. Jim Doyle and has been an executive assistant at the state Department of Natural Resources and Department of Transportation, as well as working in the legislature and at the Department of Justice. Before joining DATCP under the Evers administration, Romanski was the safety program chief at the Department of Transportation’s Division of State Patrol.

Romanski’s appointment as secretary will be subject to confirmation by the Wisconsin Senate.

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