Gov. Evers Announces New WEDC CEO

On Sept. 5, Gov. Tony Evers announced his appointment of Missy Hughes as secretary and CEO of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC). Hughes replaces former WEDC CEO Mark Hogan, who left the agency at the beginning of the month. As part of the 2018 extraordinary session legislation, 2017 Act 369 gave the governor the statutory authority to appoint a WEDC CEO only after Sept. 1, 2019.

Hughes was formerly chief mission officer and general counsel for Organic Valley cooperative. She has also served as president of the Organic Trade Association and on the USDA Advisory Committee on Biotechnology & 21st Century Agriculture.

Hughes joins the list of Gov. Evers’s other cabinet secretaries, all of whom have yet to be confirmed by the Senate. However, the appointments are working their way through committees. This month, the Senate Committee on Local Government, Small Business, Tourism & Workforce approved Gov. Evers’s Workforce Development and Tourism secretaries. Click here for the status of each of Gov. Evers’s appointees.