GAB Approves Recall Elections for Republicans

Government Accountability Board (GAB) has approved recall elections for Wisconsin Republican Senators Robert Cowles (Allouez), Alberta Darling (River Hills), and Sheila Harsdorf (River Falls).

Six Wisconsin GOP senators are almost certain to face recall elections this summer.

The consideration of petitions against Democratic Senators Robert Wirch (Pleasant Prairie), Jim Holperin (Conover) and Dave Hansen (Green Bay) may be delayed because election staff need more time to review the Democratic challenges to the petitions, according to GAB.

The six GOP senators will likely be scheduled for a recall vote on July 12, however this date may change given legal challenges and an extension request. It is likely that the elections for targeted Democrats would be held later if an extension is approved.

This post was authored by Hamilton Consulting Group’s intern Lane Oling, a 2L at the University of Wisconsin Law School.