EPA Poised to Set Carbon-Emissions Rules for Existing Power Plants

 Environmental Protection Agency Administrator, Gina McCarthy, announced that the EPA is set to issue the much anticipated rules on June 2nd for existing power plants under § 111(d) of the Clean Air Act. The regulations could significantly limit greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and potentially force many existing coal-fired plants to cease burning the abundant and cheap source of electricity. This in turn could significantly harm states, such as Wisconsin, that rely heavily on coal.

The EPA last year issued proposed rules for new power plants, which in practical terms prohibits the construction of new coal-fired power plants. The public comment period recently ended on May 9. Once the rule is officially promulgated, it is expected to be challenged by industry in the courts. This rule could also significantly harm Wisconsin’s economy and drive up electric bills.

Expect similar legal challenges to the yet-to-be-issued regulations for existing plants.