Election Resources

If you want to check your registration status, find your polling place, or view a sample ballot go to this official state-run website: https://myvote.wi.gov/ Other resources offering this information are not guaranteed to be as accurate.

Unlike many other states, Wisconsin has no centralized election results website run by the government, so here are some of the online resources the Hamilton team will be relying on as the results come in.

  • All of the major networks will have coverage of the national race, and their local affiliates will carry Wisconsin coverage.
  • The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel always has a good Wisconsin results page as does Milwaukee’s TMJ Channel 4.
  • Google Politics had easy to use interactive maps during the primaries and will have them again on election night.
  • Follow @HCG500 on Twitter, and we’ll let you know the latest news and what hash-tags to follow to get that news yourself.
  • As results are tabulated, we will post them on our 2012 Elections Results Page.

After the election, the Hamilton Consulting Team will break down the results and provide an assessment of the implications. Subscribe to Hamilton Consulting’s Political Tidbits today to get the latest Wisconsin political news and analysis delivered to your inbox.