Election Day Resources

Election Results

No need to do much looking to find next week’s election results. On the morning of November 5, Hamilton Consulting will have state and national election results sent to your email inbox via Political Tidbits – Special Edition. You can also visit Hamilton Consulting’s homepage to find the direct link to election results.

On November 7, a special Political Tidbits will be in your mailbox, giving you the analysis on what the election results will mean for the 2015-2016 Wisconsin legislative session.

What to Bring to the Voting Booth

In the state of Wisconsin, citizens can register in person on Election Day. To do so, voters must submit a proof of residence. For more specific information about how to vote on Election Day, www.MyVote.wi.gov has information you need to vote, including whether you’ve recently moved, or changed your name.

Also, you can see what your ballot will look like on Election Day by entering your residential address in the Address Search tool on the MyVoteWisconsin website.

The Candidates

Not sure who all the candidates are this year? Wisconsin Eye has interviewed every candidate, including constitutional office candidates, congressional, state senate, and state assembly, to discuss the issues. You can find them at WisconsinEye.org.