Efforts in California to Limit Climate Change Law

As the Wisconsin Legislature is poised to begin debating climate change legislation, an interesting scenario is taking place in California, which became the first state to adopt sweeping global warming legislation in 2006.

Nearly four years after the law (Assembly Bill 32) was enacted, a movement is afoot in California to stop the law from fully taking effect until the state’s unemployment rate drops below 5.5 percent. Currently, California’s unemployment rate is hovering over 12 percent. According to the New York Times’ blog, Green Inc., a group known as the People’s Advocate and a state legislator are seeking signatures to place an initiative on the ballot.

In Wisconsin, legislators recently unveiled legislation (LRB 3883/1) which includes a number of provisions similar to California’s law – including a low carbon fuel standard, increasing the state’s renewable energy mandate, and forcing Wisconsin to adopt California’s emission standards for vehicles. The bill is expected to be introduced later this month, and public hearings scheduled shortly thereafter.