DOA Launches OpenBook Wisconsin

The Department of Administration has launched OpenBook Wisconsin, a website which plans to provide transparency to Wisconsin citizens. The website will include financial data for many branches and agencies of the state government. According to a press release there are more than 25 million documents on the website, offering taxpayers easier access to the information detailing how their taxes are being spent.

More data is added every two weeks and more will be added in the coming months; as DOA Deputy Secretary Chris Schoenherr reports this version of the website is still β€œa work in progress.” Schoenherr states, β€œIn the future, we plan to add salary and fringe benefits paid to state employees, grants awarded, and contracts entered into by state agencies to the website.”

The website comes as a direct result of 2011 Act 32.

This post was authored by Rebecca Ballweg, an intern at the Hamilton Consulting Group.