Departure of Legislators Means a Leadership Shake-up

Two Republican Assembly members have announced they are leaving the legislature for the private sector, which means both their seats and the leadership positions are up for grabs.

Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder (R-Abbotsford) resigned his elected office to become administrator of the Public Service Commission’s Water Compliance and Consumer Affairs Division on September 3.

Rep. Kramer (R-Waukesha) won the support of his fellow Assembly Republicans in his bid to become the next Majority Leader. The majority leader is second in power only to the speaker of the Assembly, and is responsible for scheduling bills and directing action during debate.

Kramer was replaced in his old job presiding over the Assembly as speaker pro tempore by Rep. August (R- Lake Geneva). August’s promotion means the Assembly Committee on Government Operations and State Licensing and the Joint Committee on Tax Exemptions will most likely be looking for new chairs.

Rep. Honadel’s announcement that he will be leaving the Assembly effective September 16 means that the Assembly Committee on Energy and Utilities will get a new chair.

In order to fill Suder and Honadel’s actual seats, the 69th and 21st Assembly Districts respectively, Gov. Walker has called a special election for Nov. 19, with a primary on Oct. 22 if necessary.