Deadline for Comments on SeniorCare Program Approaching

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is currently accepting comments on its proposed extension of Wisconsin’s SeniorCare program through 2015.

On October 15, DHS Sec. Dennis Smith announced CMS had certified that Wisconsin’s SeniorCare application met the requirements for complete application and advanced to the next phase of the approval process.

“Prior to submitting our request to the federal government to renew SeniorCare, we held several town hall meetings and an online comment period to gather input about the program, which we used to create our formal application in late August,” said Secretary Smith. “We know that SeniorCare is extremely popular, and we look forward to receiving the final approval on our request.”

SeniorCare continues to be a popular and successful program. The program has a simple enrollment process, a $30 annual enrollment fee, an income-based deductible and copayments of $5 for generic drugs or $15 for brand drugs. Since 2002, SeniorCare has helped more than 152,000 seniors with their prescription drugs in Wisconsin.

Comments can be submitted through this Medicaid website. The comment period ends November 8th.