Cromnibus, Cuba, and Bush 45?

This week, President Obama signed a $1.1 trillion bi-partisan spending bill to keep the government running through September of 2015 and avoid another government shutdown. 

The bill, known around Washington circles as the “Cromnibus,” has taken heat from both sides of the aisle but ultimately garnered the votes to pass.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz and Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren both found the spotlight during the Cromnibus debate (a name combining “continuing resolution” and “omnibus”) but neither was able to stoke enough opposition to halt the bill. 

The Cromnibus, however, moved quickly into the media rearview as President Obama surprised many by easing sanctions on Cuba. The move is already hotly debated by Cubans at home and abroad, and will still need to see action from Congress before the two countries can officially try a new path.

Lastly, for those of you who felt something missing in your lives in the past six weeks since the election, don’t worry. In addition to spring races being underway, the 2016 race for president felt its first tremor as Jeb Bush took an initial step toward an official run for the Presidency.