Concealed Carry Passes the Legislature

Wisconsin is poised to become the 49th state to allow the concealed carry of firearms. On Tuesday, the Assembly passed SB-93 by a vote of 68-27. The bill is now headed to Governor Scott Walker for signature.

The final bill includes provisions requiring training and permits, which were sought by both Gov. Walker and Democrats. Under the bill, permits will be available to residents over the age of 21 who provide proof of training pass a background check. The permits will cost a maximum of $50 and be valid for five years, with renewal costing $25.

The Justice Department is tasked with implementing the permit system, which includes keeping a database of permit holders. The database will not be subject to public records requests, but it will be accessible by police so that they may confirm whether a permit is valid.

The legislature spent a great deal of time debating where carrying will be allowed. Guns will continue to be banned from schools, law enforcement offices, prisons, jails, courthouses, secure mental health facilities, and the areas of airports beyond security checkpoints. In addition, any business or government building may post a sign banning weapons.

This post was authored by Hamilton Consulting Group’s intern, Emily Kelchen, a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin Law School.