Candidates for this Fall’s Special Elections

Gov. Walker has called a special election to fill the seats of departing Assembly members Scott Suder (the 69th District) and Mark Honadel (the 21st District). The Government Accountability Board (GAB) has now certified the list of candidates who will appear on the partisan primary ballots on October 22.

Assembly District 21:
Elizabeth Coppola – D
Chris Kujawa – R
Jessie Rodriguez – R
Larry Gamble – R
Jason “Red” Arnold – R
Kenneth Gehl – R

Assembly District 69:
Kenneth Slezak – D
Tommy Dahlen – R
Bob Kulp – R
Alanna Feddick – R
Scott Noble – R
Timothy Swiggum – I

Following the October 22 partisan primaries, the special elections that determine who wins the seat will occur on November 19.

A third special election will be called to fill the seat of Rep. Jeff Stone after his resignation becomes official.