Assembly Increases Per Diems for Some

On a party line vote, the Assembly approved changes in the house’s rules that would change how much a legislator could collect for travel and overnight stays in the capitol city. Prior to the change, Assembly members could receive $88 a day for working in Madison and $44 if you live nearer the Capitol. With the new rule change, legislators who need overnight accommodations in Madison will receive $137.50 and if a legislator did not stay overnight, they may receive $68.85. Prior to the rule change, the amounts had not been adjusted since 2001.

Some Wisconsin Assembly members will also not be able to collect reimbursements for mileage. With the new rule Assembly members who live within 25 miles of the State Capitol will not be reimbursed. This will primarily affect Madison area legislators.

A Senate spokesperson has said they will not be changing Senate rules regarding per diem this session.