Appeals Court Issues Stay of Injunction on Extraordinary Session Laws

The Court of Appeals District III has issued a stay of the temporary injunction in League of Women Voters v. Evers, one of the cases challenging the constitutionality of the 2018 extraordinary session laws. The stay comes after a Dane County circuit court judge ordered the injunction of 82 appointments confirmed in the extraordinary session and the extraordinary session laws in their entirety.

The appeals court order reasons that the Dane County circuit court failed to evaluate the irreparable harm that could result from enjoining the legislation if it is later found valid. The order stays the temporary injunction and establishes an expedited appeal process with all briefs due by the end of April.

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Despite the appeals court order reinstating the extraordinary session laws in League of Women Voters, some parts of the extraordinary session laws are still unenforceable after a second Dane County judge issued a temporary injunction in a separate case, SEIU v. Vos. The SEIU injunction prevents enforcement of provisions requiring legislative approval for the attorney general to discontinue or settle cases, requiring transparency for agency guidance documents, and allowing for more legislative oversight of agency rulemaking, while leaving in place other portions of the laws. The defendant Legislature also plans to appeal this injunction, but there has yet to be an appeals court ruling on a stay.

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