2023-24 Legislative Session: Caucus Leaders

As a result of the November 2022 election, Republicans will continue to control both chambers of the Wisconsin Legislature with strong majorities. After the election, the Assembly and Senate party caucuses met and selected their leaders for the 2023-24 legislative session.

Senate leadership from both parties will mostly remain the same, save for one new Republican member in Sen. Joan Ballweg and a new Democratic member in Senator-elect Dianne Hesselbein, both as their respective party’s caucus vice-chair. Among Assembly Democrats, all incumbent leaders ran unopposed for reelection to their posts.

Assembly Republicans reelected Rep. Robin Vos as Speaker. Speaker Pro Tempore Tyler August, who also took over as Majority Leader when Rep. Jim Steineke left office, will continue in the latter role while Assistant Majority Leader Kevin Petersen will become Speaker Pro Tempore. Assembly Republican leadership will have four new members in Reps. Plumer, Summerfield, Pronschinske, and VanderMeer.

Senate Republicans

  • Senate President – Chris Kapenga
  • Senate President Pro Tempore – Patrick Testin
  • Majority Leader – Devin LeMahieu
  • Assistant Majority Leader – Dan Feyen
  • Caucus Chair – Van Wanggaard
  • Caucus Vice-Chair – Joan Ballweg (new to leadership)

Senate Democrats

  • Minority Leader – Melissa Agard
  • Assistant Minority Leader – Jeff Smith
  • Minority Caucus Chair – Chris Larson
  • Minority Caucus Vice-Chair – Dianne Hesselbein

Assembly Republicans

  • Assembly Speaker – Robin Vos
  • Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore – Kevin Petersen (new position; formerly Assistant Majority Leader)
  • Majority Leader – Tyler August (new position; formerly Speaker Pro Tem)
  • Assistant Majority Leader – Jon Plumer (new to leadership)
  • Caucus Chair – Rob Summerfield (new to leadership)
  • Caucus Vice-Chair – Cindi Duchow
  • Caucus Secretary – Nancy VanderMeer (new to leadership)
  • Caucus Sergeant at Arms – Treig Pronschinske (new to leadership)

Assembly Democrats

  • Minority Leader – Greta Neubauer
  • Assistant Minority Leader – Kalan Haywood
  • Caucus Chair – Lisa Subeck
  • Caucus Vice-Chair – Jill Billings
  • Caucus Secretary – Kristina Shelton
  • Caucus Sergeant at Arms – Lee Snodgrass