2013 Guide to the Wisconsin Supreme Court and Judicial Evaluation

The Wisconsin Civil Justice Council’s 2013 Guide to the Wisconsin Supreme Court and Judicial Evaluation, which highlights the most important business decisions issued by the court over the past two years, is now available.

According to the report, Justice Patience Roggensack led the court the past two terms with a 74 percent rating in cases favoring businesses, followed by Justices David Prosser, Jr. (70 percent), Michael Gableman (70 percent), Annette Ziegler (68 percent), Patrick Crooks (55 percent), Ann Walsh Bradley (27 percent) and Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson (17 percent).


“This report is an important tool for business organizations and the public to better understand how the Supreme Court issues its decisions and the effect those opinions have on every Wisconsin business and citizen,” said Bill G. Smith, WCJC President and State Director for the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB).

The Judicial Evaluation provides information such as how the court decides which cases to take and how the justices voted in each case. The report’s centerpiece is its in-depth summary and analysis of the cases decided by the court that directly affect Wisconsin’s business community.

“The Wisconsin Supreme Court is often the least understood of the three branches of government. The purpose of this report is to educate the public and to highlight the impact the Wisconsin Supreme Court has on the state’s economic climate,” said Jerry Deschane, WCJC Vice President and Executive Vice President of the Wisconsin Builders Association.

The 2013 Guide was written by the Hamilton Consulting Group’s Andrew Cook.