2012 Annual Report on Wisconsin Homeland Security

The Wisconsin Homeland Security Council has released its 2012 annual report, which includes an overview of the state and federal homeland security funding process. It also provides information on the new and continuing efforts by the council, state agencies, and officials from public, private, and non-profit sectors to implement new homeland security, public health, and emergency management initiatives.

In FY2012, Wisconsin received a total of $2,801,316 in State Homeland Security Program (SHSP) grant funding [from the federal government]… The total grant award, 52% less than last year, continued a recent downward trend. This decrease is due largely to the adoption of a federal allocation formula that is based solely upon risk, and does not include a peer review to evaluate the effectiveness of the investments.

The federal money granted to Wisconsin was used as follows:

FY2012 Investments


Communications Interoperability


WI Statewide Information Center (WSIC)


NIMS Implementation: Training & Exercising


Regional Response – ALERT


OJA Statewide Planning & Implementation




Wisconsin’s Homeland Security Advisor and 13 member Council is responsible for advising the governor, coordinating state and local prevention and response efforts, and producing periodic reports on the state of homeland security in Wisconsin. The Council works with local, state, federal, and tribal agencies, non-governmental organizations, and private industry to improve citizen and community preparedness. The governor is responsible for appointing Council members. Additionally, a member of the governor’s staff is invited to attend and participate at each meeting.