$100 Million Property Tax Relief Bill Fast-Tracked Through Legislature

Wisconsin lawmakers acted swiftly on a $100 million property tax relief bill, getting it introduced, heard, and passed in less than two weeks, at the request of Gov. Walker. The quick action on the bill means the savings provided by it will show up on this year’s property tax bill.

It is estimated that the typical Wisconsin homeowner will save approximately $680 over four years thanks to this action. However, that savings will not be consistent across the state as the money is being distributed through the school aid formula. An analysis from the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance “shows 65 districts with about 5.5% of students would get no benefit from the cut. In another 197 (about half of all students), the additional aid would result in a school levy cut of about 1% or less. In the remainder, the cut would likely be more than 1%.” 

Special Session Bill 1 passed the Senate on a bipartisan vote of 28 – 5 and the Assembly on a bipartisan vote of 82 – 12, and was signed into law as Act 46.